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The Visual Republic

The Visual Republic empowers organizations to be successful communicators with tools that allow anyone to create media rich, highly visual content channels that leverage real-time data. With a long and proficient history in visual storytelling, The Visual Republic understands that great communications inspires, motivates and drives business opportunities. In today’s Digital Workplace, the companies who embrace these new forms of communications will flourish.

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Our Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO No replication. No guess work. Just real results! We take time to understand your business and create a strategy to achieve the top ranks in the search engines. This could mean increased revenue for your website as a result of more traffic and conversions. Our specialized SEO services are designed to get you noticed where it matters most. It is also very important for a good SEO company to make use of the proper approach while dealing with client website and we are very good at this. We learn about your requirements and then figure out the best manner of dealing with the problem at hand and fixing it. We will help you to Grab your Local Audience via Google plus Listings, Local Search Optimization that includes Geo Targeting techniques. While delivering the local seo services and other neighborhood areas We will setup the regular physical meets with our clients and tell them about the status of their projects and clear their doubts. We are proud to offer a transparent service that delivers on what it promises – getting maximum visibility for your products, business and services.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media, PR strategy, corporate branding on social media, social media policy goals and social media campaigns like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. are all enlisted in the services we offer. We help companies to use the social media platforms efficiently to enhance customer engagement. Not only do we help you increase the conversion rate via social media, we also help you build your company presence on these platforms.

Graphic Design

The Visual Republic is your end-to-end creative design and development solution. Graphic design, when melded just the right way, captures your company’s essence, and inspires, energizes, and moves your target audience. We help our clients overhaul and improve all aspects of their visual communication systems with appealing professional design and expert advice. Specializing in bringing ideas to life we provide a wide range of graphic design services, from concept design and information architecture to production, deployment and maintenance. When our stunning design meets functional reality, magic happens!

Media Management

As a leading social media management company in India with a strong focus on creativity and innovation, we have a team of analysts who carefully study your brand, understand its boundaries and develop customized advertising campaigns to increase engagement. We devise high quality Facebook ad-campaigns to promote brand understanding and to create a loyal targeted digital community that directly impacts your sales.

Video Editing & Production

With increased bandwidth and the advent of High Definition, people have come to expect more than just static text and graphics when they visit a website. Whether you want to develop your own video blog, or viral video, Visual Republic Group can turn your creative vision into a reality. Give your video blog or YouTube videos a professional look with customized video intros, show openings and video outros branded around your company or service. We can handle the whole process for you: from editing and developing the product to mastering and distribution as a DVD, online product, or both. We also provide professional, streaming media services in the simplest process you’ll find. Just send us your content and we’ll take care of the rest.

Website Design & Developement

Imagine you visit someone’s house for the first time. The moment you reach, you happen to find their front yard to be unorganized and messy. What would you feel? As a normal human being, we happen to judge the person’s way of living and may even don’t feel like going inside the house. Same goes for your website. Website design of your site acts as a face to your online presence. There is no doubt that it puts a very important and strong impression on the visitor. An outdated and complicated website can bore the visitor and they may skip your content. In order to engage the visitor, the design of your website plays a very significant role. We understand the impact of website design on your business growth and thus create templates based on client’s requirements and the competition around. We design SEO-friendly and responsive websites for clients.

PR & Reputation Management

Every business, irrespective of its size is worried about its online and offline reputation. One bad mention places brands in a position that is hard to fix. Hence, you need a strong reputation management agency to keep your company in the good books of your audience. Our team of professionals from legal, technical, online and offline marketing and public relation domains protect and endorse your reputation and remove the impact of damaging online mentions. We design unified campaigns revolving around public relations based on your branding goals. Our proficiency in reputation management is unmatched. Our services include: Reputation Management for Businesses: Clients, prospects, vendors and co-workers, each of these looks up for a business’ online reputation. Our primary job is to push positive content across various channels and to help the brand gain complete control over the type of content displayed there. We professionally create positive write-ups about your application, website and local business across various reviewer websites. Our forte includes using content marketing to publish authoritative content across company blogs, guest posts and product review websites of industry influencers. Reviews are submitted on Google, Yelp, Yellow Pages and other authoritative websites to generate a positive buzz about your business. Monthly metrics monitoring by our team enables you to check the progress of your campaign and validate its usefulness. Reputation Management for Individuals: The Visual Republic Relations is a premier reputation management PR agency. We use advanced strategies to remove the negative mentions about individuals and put into work our excellent marketing skills to create more positivity around it. Our public relation veterans design effective campaigns to quickly improve your online reputation and flood the search engines with positive reviews and mentions. We project your positive image to potential clients, HR representatives and existing customers. Our clients range from freelancers, doctors, entrepreneurs and consultants.